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 The Arrow-V Game

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PostSubject: The Arrow-V Game   Fri May 29, 2009 3:22 pm

Also known as The V Game (on I.O.). The format is quite easy. Well...in a certain way there's two...well...whatever.

The Arrow Game format:

^ The above poster. (If you can't think of something you want to say, just restate their < statement)

< Yourself (Respond to the above poster's V statement)

V Make up something for the next poster.

The V Game format:

^ Answer a question the peson above you has asked.

< Say something about yourself.

V Ask a question for the next person

You can really just use whichever format I guess - they're techincally the same.


((This/these game(s) is/are courtesy of Risuna from I.O.))

^ There's no user above me so...blargna.

< I am an All-Powerful Admin!! ...With some dork mixed in as well.

v You're my loyal bunny, aren't you? (It's a statement, AND a question!)

When life gives you lemons...make some apple juice.
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The Arrow-V Game
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