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 Who are you...Really?

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PostSubject: Who are you...Really?   Fri May 29, 2009 1:44 pm

Who are you...Really?

Obviously, Toride is an online forum. And not everybody knows each other personally...

So, This is a game in which you state one random fact about yourself. The next person who posts, will state whether they think the fact is, "True" or "False", and then post a random fact about themselves. And so on.

Although, I will point out a slight error in the original game. So...User 1 posts a fact about themself. User 2 says either that fact is true or false. And then it might either go to User 3, or User 1 might post again.

It's recommended that perhaps User 1 can admit, before or after they give their "True" or "False", and their fact, that the answer User 2 gave was either correct or wrong. The original game didn't really have that (only a few times has it happened so far), so you could never really know whether that fact about them was true or not...and then the "getting to know other users" is kind of contradicted...

(No offense to the creater!)

I shall start us off!

((This game is courtesy of Eli from I.O.))

My left leg is actually a tiny bit shorter than my right leg.

(The next person will say whether this is true or false, and then state their own fact. The next time I post, I'll either admit that their answer was right, or it was wrong - along with posting my answer to the statement the person before me posted, and my other fact.)

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Who are you...Really?
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