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 Guess the Artist

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PostSubject: Guess the Artist   Fri May 29, 2009 1:30 am

Now, this is a different type of music game.

Here, you post a verse, or a few verses, of a song - but you don't tell what the title of that song is, or who the artist is. That's for the next person to find out. They say their guess (which most of the time should be right, since it seems a lot of the time people don't know the lyrics themselves, so they look it up on Google. Not that it's encouraged to look it up on Google all the time - only if you're very sure that you don't know the lyrics), and then they go and post their 'secret lyrics' for the next person after them to guess - that person guesses and lists more their own lyrics. And so on and so forth.


((This game is courtesy of DarkHuntress from I.O.))

"Please don’t say you’re lazy,
Datte honto wa crazy.
Hakuchou tachi wa sou,
Mienai koto de bataashi surundesu.

"Honnou ni juujun chuujitsu,
Honrou mo juujuu shouchi.
Zento youyoudashi…
Dakara tama ni kyuukei shichaundesu."


"Please don’t say you’re lazy,
Because you’re actually crazy.
The swans are actually,
Kicking their legs hard out of sight.

"Being true and sincere to my instincts,
I accept that I’ll be tossed around.
The path ahead looks bright,
That’s why I take rests sometimes."

Now see if you know this! (Shiki should...)

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Guess the Artist
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