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PostSubject: Rules - PLEASE READ   Thu Feb 05, 2009 10:08 pm

Hello and welcome to TorideOMRP!!

(You will find out later what that title's meaning is.)

So, I expect you all to read the following rules and abide by them. Otherwise, we might have some problems.

General Rules:

There will be absolutely NO bashing on new members. As in - people who will prey on other people just because they're new. It's wrong, and just plain mean. If you see anyone doing this action, please report it to an Admin, or a Mod.

Duplicate accounts are not allowed, unless you have permission from an Admin.

Making topics or replies in forums:

Posts must have a THREE WORD MINIMUM - meaning no less than three (3) words can appear in a post or reply. The only exception to this rule is some, most, or all of the games in the Word Games section - you can post less than three words ONLY in that section.

Posts should be in complete sentence format and NO spam.

All messages are to be posted in proper English, no L337 5p34k or all CAPS. If your post contains L337 speak or CAPS, then it will be edited, if the entire post contains either then it will be simply deleted.

In the chat box (the CHOX, if you will), you're allowed to use one word sentences but this cannot be spam.

No making duplicate topics because it won't be tolerated.

Flaming is not allowed anywhere in the forum, except in the Off Topic section, but even then I'd prefer it if it's not too harsh or vulgar.

There should be no off topic posts that aren't related to the topic of concern.

Don't say anything that doesn't concern the particular forum you are posting in.

No double posting when replying to topics in the forum.

(Note: The only double posting that can be done must be in the Fan Fiction section. As long as there are no replies - after an extended period of time - before you plan to double post.)


Trolling is posting into a topic or replies with no other intent than to anger someone and cause conflict. Threads with nothing but text such as "dbz stinks" will be closed/deleted immediately, and the poster warned.


Bumping is defined as replying to a topic/post for the sole purpose of getting it back to the top of a forum. It is considered to be annoying and childish.

A Moderator will determine if the bumping of a certain thread is plausible, but please don't revive dead topics with irrelevant comments or content. If you do, you will receive a warning and the thread in question will be closed.

Computer Attacks:

Any intentional action by a member that may potentially cause damage to another member's computing equipment or system configuration will result in a warning being issued. This includes hacking, the deliberate sending of viruses (either via e-mail or url links), posting a link to dodgy websites and other actions designed to cause disruption to the member's computer.

Racist, Sexual or Illegal Material:

Any linking to, discussion, or posting of adult material including but not limited to pornography is prohibited. Posting or linking to such material will result in two warnings. Any related threads will be closed/deleted and links removed.


Linking to or making of racist or hate comments will not be allowed and will result in a warning. This would include such things as linking to a KKK or Neo-Nazi kind of site. Posting or linking to such material will result in two warnings. Any related threads will be closed/deleted and links removed.

Discussion of or linking to activities of an illegal nature on the board is also not allowed. This includes the discussion of tape or VCD trading or selling. This also includes linking to MP3 or other media which violate copyright laws. If this occurs, any links or materials will be edited out or deleted and the poster will receive two warnings.


You are of course allowed your own opinions and are allowed to criticize a particular show, character or board item, but you must have substance to your post.

"Your writing is dumb" or "your character stinks" is not valid criticism. The criticism you give must be constructive (giving tips of improvement, suggestions and praising the good qualities).

Topics that violate this will be closed, and if they conform to trolling or flaming, the user will receive a stern warning.


Any and all warnings can be appealed against instantly, if you feel as if you've been treated inappropriately. The persons to contact in regard to this are Tsuki (your's truly), who will act as a board arbiter in these matters. The board arbiters have absolute discretion in overturning warnings, if they deem them inappropriately issued. Please note that any judgment made on any such matter is final, and cannot be appealed against by any other member of staff (including other board directors).


...Is allowed, the only word I would really not like to see is the "F-bomb". Please don't drop it here, or you might get a warning. Although...I did have the word censored...so if you use it, it WILL be replaced automatically with my personal alternative word, 'fudge'. But that does NOT mean that you should go ahead and use that word even if it will be replaced.


This is our warn system.

Some members may think that Staff will not get warned because they're staff. That IS NOT TRUE. Their warning system will be the same as all members.

Here is how we will warn:

1) Private Message (PM) - We will PM the member that did something bad, telling him/her what he/she did and not to do it again.
2) First Warning - If he/she does whatever he/she did once again, they WILL BE WARNED.
3) Second Warning - If repeated, one more warning will be assigned.
4) SUSPENSION - If a FOURTH warning has to be issued, a suspension will be in order, length depending on the issue.
5) Possible Ban - This rank should be avoided at ALL TIMES, and is reserved for those who repeatedly violate the forum rules, without remorse.

If you have been suspended twice, and then are warned twice more, the third warning will result in an immdeiate and permenant ban.

If you're warned by a staff member and they did not follow the Warn guidelines they will be warned and your warning shall be revised.

Thank You,

Disclaimer: Most of these rules were adopted from Ignus Orsus' Risuna. All credit goes to her, besides for some things that I've modified.

When life gives you lemons...make some apple juice.
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